How To Connect A Macbook To A TV With Hdmi

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Have you ever found yourself searching for all the cables in your house in order to connect your Macbook to the TV. Unfortunately Apple does not offer a lot of support in this manner and most people experience difficulties when dealing with this situation. However there are additional products that you can use in order to transmit quality audio and video signals to your TV. What you need for this mission is a Macbook, a Mac, a iMac 2010 or any version newer than these ones. You also need a TV that has hdmi support. Last but not least, the connection cannot be made without the help of a mini display port to hdmi adapter. If you want to learn how to connect a Macbook to a TV with hdmi check out the following instructions.

The first thing you need to do is check you Macbook version. Usually all Macbook Pro, Mini, Air and iMac that are newer that 2010 are suitable for this type of connection. Older models can usually only send information through the Display Port connection. Don’t worry if you Macbook has a thunderbolt instead of a mini display port. You can still learn how to connect a Macbook to a TV with hdmi even if you don’t have a mini display port. If your Macbook was released in 2012 you will have an easier time making the connection. All you have to do is use a hdmi cable in order to connect the two devices.

The next thing you need to do is find the right adapter. Although Apple doesn’t personally offer a solution they do give certain recommendation regarding the adequate equipment that should be used. The adapter should be able to support VESA-1.1a display port Standard. Furthermore the equipment recommended by Apple also comes at a reasonable price. For example a Moshi mini display port to hdmi with audio support is about $35. You can also buy a Griffin mini display port to hdmi with DVI converter or a iWires mini display port to hdmi adapter.

Once you’ve got your equipment in place all you have to do is make a few basic settings. Open your Macbook’s system preferences and find the sound settings. Once you do this proceed to switching the output tab. If the adapter is properly connected you should have a TV option. Selecting it will automatically make the connection between the two devices. We are grateful that although Apple does not personally offer the needed equipment at least they give us some instructions teaching us how to connect a Macbook to a TV with hdmi. However if you find that the adapter prices are a bit to spicy you can try out other adapters. A lot of people have successfully managed to connect the Macbook with the TV using other hdmi adapters than the ones recommended by apple. Feel free to explore your options.