How to connect PC to HDMI TV

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If you want to enjoy your favorite movies you see only on the Internet from your TV or to watch the TV shows from the Internet directly on your HDTV screen then you might need to know how to connect PC to HDMI TV. Doing so you will be more than happy to watch from a more comfortable place of your room the images displayed on the large screen of your HD television. And if you care enough for the sake of your children you can also choose to connect your laptop or computer to your HD TV when they want to play their favorite games on the Internet as this way you allow them to enjoy a larger view thanks to the features of your big plasma screen.

From the very beginning you should know that your HDMI permits you to transfer both audio and video characteristics from your laptop or PC to your TV set. But in order to let this thing happen you will need a HDMI port in your computer and a cable to enable the transfer.

In order to start the how to connect PC to HDMI TV process you should first of all make sure to turn off the computer and see what plug-in options it has in the back. Then you should take the monitor cable and see where it goes in the rear side of the computer. This cable should be stick into the video output.

If you are lucky enough to have purchased a modern television then it should also have a VGA port provided along with its HDMI port. The next step is to select the video output connection.

If your laptop or PC has an HDMI port then the things are getting much easier as this way the connection means putting the right length cable between your television and your computer. But if your computer doesn’t have all this in order to enable your connection, you might need to purchase an extra video card with a HDMI or a DVI output to connect to your television. After using the HDMI cable in order to make the connection between your television and computer you might also need to use a suitable adapter or converter for your PC.

The next step you should take in your process of how to connect PC to HDMI TV is to configure the settings of your video card in terms of display and resolution using the control panel of your PC. In most cases the computer will need to be rebooted in order for the changes to be set on your HDMI TV screen.