How to Degauss a TV

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Degaussing is a method used to de-magnetize or increase the magnetic field for an instrument, tool, or even larger objects like ships and cars. Usually, apparatuses and electronic tools and objects that contain metallic pieces need to be degaussed in order to avoid magnetization in case said object will ever be in contact with a damaging magnetic source. For example, degaussing was initially used to reduce magnetic signatures in large ships during the Second World War. Now we can use degaussing to reduce any magnetic fields on CRT monitors, but it can also be used in damaging ways, such as erasing data on magnetic media.

In this article we’ll take a look at how to degauss a TV safely and without damaging it or other nearby objects. Some televisions nowadays have an incorporated degaussing element which you can activate whenever you like, preferably regularly, though not too often. In other televisions the degauss feature is automatically turned on when you turn on the TV. However, you still may need to know how to degauss a TV in case your television passes near a strong magnetic force at some point. So what can you do, especially if your TV set doesn’t have a degauss feature already?
One of the first and perhaps easiest methods showing how to degauss a TV that doesn’t have a degauss feature is to put another monitor or TV in front of the problematic television and to activate the degaussing. The results would be ideal if the monitor or television were about the same size as the damaged TV, but you can work with what you have. Remember that you may need to repeat the process several times to achieve optimal results.
Another method of degaussing a TV is by buying a degauss coil from the nearest electronics shop, or to purchase one online. It shouldn’t be too expensive, but it is really useful, as you’ll see. The way to use this is to turn on the TV and the coil, while the latter is positioned in front of the TV. Holding the coil in your hands and slowly stepping behind, move the coil in circles in front of the television set to cover every corner of the screen. When you’re four feet away from the screen you can turn the coil off. These are two of the simplest methods showing how to degauss a TV. As for those who’s TVs have a degauss feature, they can just activate several times, one after another, until the desired results appear.