How to Make 3D Glasses For TV in 3 Steps

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Many people don’t know how to make 3D glasses for TV at home, so they buy expensive models. To be able to watch a 3D television set, you and your loved ones need special glasses. Although we see the real world in three dimensions, the screen of a television is flat and shows a two-dimensional image. We need to trick the brain in order to see a 2D image as tridimensional. Stereoscopy is the art of creating the illusion of depth, by displaying two different images for your right and left eye. The brain has to combine the images and thus a single 3D image is created. “Ghosting” happens when both eyes see the same visuals and create a blurred 2D image that is out of focus.

If you want to learn how to make 3D glasses for TV, you will need a poster board, a red permanent marker, a blue permanent marker, an elastic string, scissors, stapler, tape, a pencil and acetate sheets or gels. You can also use an old pair of glasses or the ones you get from the movie theater. Remove their lenses and follow the steps below. Remember that these 3D glasses work only with the movies that use a red/blue shift method.

Step 1 – Make the frames

Draw the earpieces and the front section of the glasses on a poster board with the pencil and make sure they are big enough for your face. You can make round or rectangular eye-holes. Cut the glasses out with the scissors and then cut symmetrical eye-holes. Tape the side earpieces to the front section.

Step 2 – Make the lenses
Most supply stores and stage lighting stores have acetate sheets or gels at very low prices. Buy a red and blue piece, or clear acetate if that is all you can find. You can also use cellophane. Cut two pieces of acetate to make the lenses. Make sure they are bigger then the eye-holes. Color one piece red and one piece blue if you only have clear sheets. Tape the pieces to the inside of the glasses and cover each hole. The red piece should cover the left eye-hole and the blue piece the right eye-hole. Be careful not to tape over any visible parts of the acetate.

Step 3 – Adjust the glasses
To make sure the glasses don’t fall out, add some elastic string. Pull it around your head and cut a section that won’t be to tight or too loose. Position it on the earpieces of the glasses and staple it to the upper corners. Now you know how to make 3D glasses for TV. Decorate them and enjoy your movie!