TV Advertising

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Advertising is one of the most influential industries today, if not the most influential of all, since its domain is none other than persuasion. We see advertising and commercials everywhere, from television to radio, internet, on the streets, on buildings, buses and so on. Though you may think of the internet, TV advertising has to be the actual top influence, especially when you consider that most middle-aged and older people don’t spend too much time – if any – on the computer. TV advertising tells us what to eat, what to wear, how to be and, basically, what to wish for. The greatest power of advertising is convincing us we really need things and objects that we didn’t even know existed until that time.

Just think of all the Teleshopping commercials and shows and the products they always try to sell. Most of the time they sell products that can be easily found in normal stores as well, but sometimes they also come up with the craziest, most unbelievable and, secretly, most useless objects. They promote them as being the best on the market and the cheapest too, but in reality, most of the time, they are neither. Another fault that we can find in TV advertising, besides trying to manipulate consumers and over-promoting their products is that it leads to the stereotyping of certain groups of people and it standardizes the way we think and act. For example, in most commercials that advertise cleaning products, there is always a woman struggling with house chores; that shouldn’t be a thing anymore, since today most men and women divide these chores. And if not, then the stereotype shouldn’t be promoted anymore, even though it responds to a certain kind of target.

TV advertising can be a truly negative influence especially on the minds of young people who are just starting to form their personalities and are more open to suggestions than most adults. For them, TV advertising can provoke shifts in behavior and especially induce in them a sense of consumerism that they feel they’re entitled to. Many kids get to be too spoiled by their parents who, wishing to make them happy, are unable to refuse them anything. The children will grow to feel entitled to everything and they will act horribly and selfishly when their desires are not satisfied.

Nevertheless, TV advertising is not a bad thing in its entirety; indeed companies and firms are allowed to promote their products and we, as consumers, have the right to know all of our options and possibilities. But what is certain enough is that, without censoring it in any way, TV advertising could use a face lift and a new ideology.