Watch TV on iPhone

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iPhones are an indispensable tool to many people already, thanks to the advanced technology they use and to all the things one can achieve with them today. Besides being a telephone, an iPhone can also be used to surf the internet, take photos and videos and many more. Now cable companies have started launching apps that allow you to watch TV on iPhone, whether it’s your favorite series that you want to see or the latest movies. Some of these apps offer movies for free, whereas others require a subscription and a monthly fee. In some instances you may be required to already have a contract with the cable company so they can hook you up with TV on your iPhone. Nevertheless, now we are able to do one thing more on these useful tools.

Many people commute to work, or are at least forced to wait on the bus, train or metro for longer periods of time before reaching their destination. So what can be greater than finally finding something to do with that wasted time? Indeed, one might also read a book while waiting, but sometimes the conditions are not too helpful with that; luckily, now we have the option to watch TV on iPhone, whether we’re catching up with the latest episode from our favorite series, or watching a movie or documentary.

Like we mentioned before, there are several providers and apps that allow you to watch TV on iPhone, you just have to look at their offers and see what is right for you. For example, you can use the app offered by AT&T which, unlike other cable companies, doesn’t require you to already be one of their costumers, that is, to have a contract with them for your home. You will need to subscribe, of course, but you can watch both live TV and search or demand certain shows. Some of the best channels they offer are MTV, ESPN, Disney Channel, Comedy Central and many more. This app can be used with 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.
Another great app that allows you to watch TV on iPhone is offered by the lovely Cartoon Network, and with it you can see all of your favorite cartoons. As for the way you can connect your iPhone to their network, it is slightly different; some might consider it an advantage, some a fault: you need to already be subscribed to Cartoon Network, to have a username and password you can log in with on their app. This means the subscription is practically free; you’ll just pay bandwidth and your home cable subscription. There are many other options out there; you just need to find whatever suits you.