Ways to Incorporate TVs and Shelves into Your Decor

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The way you decorate your home is highly important, especially if you want to impress your friends. There’s an old saying that little things matter, so when it comes to decorating your house, you should pay attention to every detail. Many people find it quite difficult to incorporate the TV and shelves into the decor, so we’ve decided to tell you more about the best ways to do this. There are plenty of options available that allow you to make your living room or your bedroom an attractive place where you can stay and relax while watching your favorite movies or TV shows. It’s all about finding the best combination of utility and style while adding a personal touch to the house. So, here are some tips on how to incorporate TVs and shelves into your house.

TV Wall Mounting

One interesting and popular way to incorporate the TV into a room is to mount it on a wall. This is the perfect solution if you have a flat screen because it was specially designed to be mounted. For this, you will need a solid TV wall-mount that can keep it in the same position for many years. There are many advantages of a wall mounted TV, including the fact that it gives your house a modern appearance and that it helps you save more space. In what concerns the installation, you should know that this process is quite simple and if done properly, your TV will be safe. After you find a proper place for the TV, you can place the shelves wherever you want in order to complement the TV. Therefore, you can place them above the TV or next to it and decorate them as you want. Additionally, a TV wall mount allows you to position the TV at the perfect height, thus avoiding any neck pain or eyesight problems.

Wall Unit with Hutch or Bookshelves

This is another option to go with if you want to incorporate the TV into the decor. There are plenty of wall units available, differentiating themselves in terms of style, color, etc. In comparison to a TV stand, a wall unit is made of more cabinets and shelves that allow you to incorporate the TV on it and store a wide variety of objects. You just need to find a unit that provides enough room for your TV and then you can start decorating the shelves just as you want. The advantage of the wall units is that they provide plenty storage for your books and other decorative things. Of course, you will need more room for such a unit and you have to find one that matches your decorating aspirations. Usually, these units may not be the perfect option for small apartments where you need to add space to the room. Nevertheless, it’s worth considering a wall unit if you want to incorporate the TV and have more shelves for books and flowers.

Sliding Panels

In case you want to hide the TV when you’re not watching it, the sliding panels are the best option. There are many models of side panels to choose from, so before deciding upon a model, you need to do some research. In order to mount the TV, you may need a TV wall mount that will fix it for preventing any possible incidents. The advantage of this particular system is that it can simply make your TV disappear, transforming it in an accent wall when you don’t use it. Also, you can opt for different sizes of the panels and customize them according to your preferences. In case you want to add some shelves for your books and other objects, you can place them on the sides or wherever else is convenient for you. For a minimalist design, you can even install a large sliding panel that can also cover the shelves.


There are many creative ways to incorporate the TV and shelves into your home decor, you just have to decide which option you like best. We only offered you 3 options that are very popular these days, but you can choose other ways if you like. You can use your own imagination to create your personal decor where you can incorporate the TV and watch movies every time you want.